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How to Install Cable Deck Railings

Cable kits shown in the following video are supplied by Ultra-tec, The Cable Connection.

We recommend posts be installed every 42 inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fare apart can cable deck railing posts be?
48″ inches Max 42″ Inches or less recomended.
What are the Dimensions of the cable deck railing posts?
1.5″ inches by 1.5″ Inches square and 36″ inches tall
What size of stainless steel cable is used for this cable system?
1/8 Stainless Steel cable
What colors does the deck railing posts come in?
Standard powder coating is black however any custom powder coating can be done. Normally to match the color of the windows.
How much does cable railing costs?
Costs can very due to start and stops of the cables. A rough estimate is $60 – $100 dollars a running foot.
What are cable railing Code requirements?
National code requirements for Cable deck railing is 36 inches high for Residential
Code requirements for commercial are 42 inches high.
How many Cables per Stainless Steel cable run.

There are 10 cables per run on 36 inch posts and 12 cables per run on 42 inch posts

How fare apart are the cables and do they meet international code requirments?
Each cable is 3.275 inches apart and exceeds code requirements for cables.



Stainless steel posts are powder coated

which means no rusting


Powder coating can be color-matched

to window trim on the house


Posts are made for saltwater regions

no rust, no worries


Commercial grade posts

with an affordable price


cable fittings are

made in the usa

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